Poker Analyser for Poker Stars and Party Poker

I’ve been working on a Texas Hold’em Poker Analyser for a couple of years now and finally have a semi-decent analyser.

It relies on reading hand histories stored on your computer after playing online at websites like Party Poker and Pokerstars (request last 100 hands by email) and works out whether you should have bet/raised/folded/called each time it’s your turn to act in a hand. It does this retrospectively by looking at the betting patterns that occurred. If a player raises preflop, bets the flop but doesn’t continuation bet the turn and then folds to a reasonable bet, the computer will recognise this happened, assess whether you raised/bet preflop and advise you to have done so.

Your poker career can be taken from loss after loss to steady win rates, using this type of analysis.

By recognising player’s styles and using those to determine the types of opponents at your table, you can adjust to use the correct strategies used by other top poker players and get your game back on the path to success.


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